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Conference room with 12 people at the table, with Robin at the front of the room giving a workshop on accessibility.
  • Learn more about mobile accessibility as a team

  • Prepare your apps for the European Accessibility Act enforcement in 2025

  • Increase the accessibility of your iOS and Android applications

  • ... and more!

Give me a shout if you're interested in a one or two day workshop at your offices to bring your app's accessibility to the next level. 

Prepare for the European Accessibility Act enforcement in 2025

If you're in a public-facing sector in Europe, you have a deadline. By June 2025, your mobile apps must meet a minimum level of accessibility, or risk legal action against your company. In this workshop, we go over what is required, and concretely what you need to do before this deadline to be in compliance.

Introduction to Accessibility

On a team that has never worked with accessibility before? Bring everyone together (developers, designers, managers...) to get up to speed on the basics. Learn what first steps to take to get your team started on the path to accessible apps. 

Advanced Accessibility

Already know about accessibility? Bring your app to the next level with an advanced workshop. We'll analyze what you have already done, and identify areas in your app where we can increase your level of accessibility even more. 


Have a particular workshop in mind? Send me an email at and we can create a customized workshop to meet your needs.

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